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Happy New Year: The State of CSN

What a year it has been for Charlton's youth and the CharltonSportsNetwork. There have been so many highlights, memories made that will last forever, records tied and broken. And thanks to all of you CSN has been there to capture it on video and photos. When I look back to when we started in 2011 it amazes me the strides we've made as a network. Going from a single camera, a laptop, just me in the back of my truck covering our 1st run into the State Playoffs in baseball. To joining forces with Chris Beasley and his family. Going from a one man operation to basically a 5 to 7 person production team for football and baseball. Then bringing in cousins, friends and interns when the Beasley's stepped away to continue the quality you have come to expect from CSN. This year pulling it in just a bit to maintain that quality but simplifying production with automated cameras, stand alone set ups, endzone cameras and more.

Today, we have networks like GPB Sports, In The Game Magazine, ESPNCoastal, and more who have at one point or another called on CSN in various degrees. From breaking in on webcasts during the season like GPB or asking CSN to webcast their awards banquet like ITG has twice now, to sending and sharing updates like ESPNCoastal. By the way we've been tapped to do Media Day again this July for ITG and we look forward to it. All of this while the NFHS tapped CSN to cover Class 6A State Playoffs and the Class A Semi Final game this year. Plus the Class A State Baseball Championship this past spring.

The future has never looked brighter for CSN and Charlton. Baseball is coming up with the Tribe loaded for bear. A sixth straight Region Title and another playoff run are the goals for this years unit. Track is also loaded with the team returning several athletes who made an impact in region and state last spring. Spring softball returns this year for the varsity in slow pitch and Charlton renews that football rivalry with Camden this Spring. For CSN, we're always working to improve our webcasts. Our goal is and has always been to make each webcast look as close to a tv sports production as possible every time out. We're hoping with additional sponsors coming on board this spring to add instant replay, interviews during games; halftime - dugout - sideline reports - etc, and much more. We're also working to expand our market. The possibility of production of LIVE webcasts outside of Charlton is very real as well while still maintaining our commitment to Charlton. Much like what happened with the NFHS this year for CSN with non Charlton playoff and championship webcasts.

In Closing: The State of CSN and Charlton Sports has never been stronger.

Charlton County Indians Region Champs 2016

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